We want to tell you
a bit about ourselves.

We have been cutting timber, working as a team and building experiences through furniture for over 10 years now. Objects that move beyond their function to become everyday tools that are a part of people’s lives.


The team

We work together. We are a family! Cabinetmakers, engineers, upholsterers, designers and the people that sell our products. We are a team that strives to be the best under the value of respect, to share our values with people around the world.

What we want to achieve

People are the essence of this brand. From those that design and manufacture, to those that enjoy our products in their spaces. We think about the new ways in which people live, work and relate today. There are solutions and tools for everyone!


Timeless and long-lasting design

Our products have a fresh, longlasting design that is current in all spaces. Pieces with an identity and quality materials that will last for years in any space. This is how we support sustainability!


Honesty first

We like people to connect with who we are. We share our processes. We want to contribute to society, to forest conservation and care for the environment.


Design local, think global

We design and produce in Colombia. We have a global projection that includes high standards in design, finishes and quality.

Care for every detail

We work with expert hands that care for every detail and finish, and who contribute tradition and energy to each product. We use technology but we value work done by hand.
We take great care regarding quality and engineering. We always like to go one step beyond.


Passion for design

At Perceptual we believe in good design. We are passionate about furniture that is authentic, functional and maintained over time.


we are a team that connects people through everday tools. 

Clients and Allies

What they say out there

Cristina Crespo

Design Director, WeWork LatAm

“Perceptual has become one of our trusted suppliers in Latin America due to their attention to detail, excellent customer service and openness to creative experimentation. Thank you for working alongside us in our regional expansion and always accepting the challenges we propose.”

Carolina Alzate

Chief Creative Director, OpenLAB

“Perceptual...mmm I loooove Perceptual, from their products that never go out of style, they always look fresh and are of the highest quality, from their people who are incredible because they are always smiling and willing to help and provide solutions, and I feel that they are the perfect ally for creating incredible experiences like we dream of at openLAB!”

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