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Every good story begins with "Once upon a time", ours is so good that it begins with:

"And why not?"

This is how we were born, back in 2008; breaking with the distance that existed between good design and people like you and us. Therefore, this has been our mission for the last 15 years,  that good design is within everyone's reach.

We could tell you that "We design, manufacture and market furniture", technically it is true, but for us, the chairs, tables or sofas that fill each space are something else; they are “everyday tools” that accompany our lives in every place and at every moment; to eat, read, create and dream.

We always speak in the plural because we are several; we are a team that integrates knowledge, skill and great passion for creating simple and fun products through experimentation and play with materials, colors and objects. This is how each product tells a fragment of this story.

For more than 15 years we have believed that good design is authentic, functional and endures over time. 

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