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with whom we have worked

We love working with friends!If there's one thing we love at Perceptual, it's collaborating and creating wonder with brutal clients like these:

WeWork Latam
Argos Group
Sites Hotel
EAFIT University
and others...

Our products

Our brands

A duo to make history! Discover our two brands that offer you totally different, but very complementary options.

A new is here!

Conoce nuestro Catálogo 2023; enamórate de las herramientas cotidianas y empieza a imaginar los espacios tan cool que  podríamos crear / habitar con ellas.

Made for your restaurant, your office, your hotel, your home... Made for you

For us, the chairs, tables or sofas that fill each space are something else; are"everyday tools" that accompany our lives in every place and at every moment; to eat, read, create and dream.


Articles, interviews, launches, events, many ideas and anecdotes from the Perceptual world.

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