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General Conditions of Sale: 

1.SPECIAL DOCUMENTATION: The client must inform in the first week after placing the order if special documentation is required: updated medical exams, ARL, certificates, permits, etc.
2. PLANS FOR POSITIONING: Provide plan view plans of the place for the distribution of the products.
3.    For special products, Perceptual will have to send an approval drawing in the first 3 weeks of the order and the client must approve said drawings by mail, once approved production will begin
4.    Special products for which the client sends drawings, will be manufactured with the specifications and measurements of said drawings, in the event that it is only a reference drawing, it must be specified at the beginning of the negotiation as this will have an additional cost for new development .
5.    Keep in mind that the quote always considers delivery to floor 1, if different, it must be specified at the beginning of the negotiation for its programming, PERCEPTUAL does not move the products by ropes or other elements other than an elevator or personnel qualified.
6.    Any addition or modification made to the order, to the approved plans and/or to your contract, will affect the indicated delivery times and, if necessary, a new quote will be made. 
7.    Once the products are ready, the customer will be informed and payment must be made to authorize the dispatch, this will be subject to the conditions described in the commercial offer.
8.    If the spaces are not in suitable conditions for the distribution of the products, the work must have a safe place to store them and the state of the same will be your responsibility, a photographic record and signing of minutes will be made, after this report will not accept claims regarding surface finishes.
9.    The client must have a person in charge of receiving and signing the minutes, this person must be present at the time of receipt and installation of the products, they will sign the delivery minutes and after said signature, billing can be proceeded, in In the event of a new development after the signing, it will be reviewed, but billing will not be stopped. If the person in charge is not there, a video call or a video must be made and with this it will be considered delivered, claims are not accepted later.
10.    The client must inform the work schedules for the installers in time.  
11.    The maintenance recommended in the user manual must be quoted separately.
12.    Perceptual does not carry out any type of civil, electrical or plumbing work.
13.    The work must guarantee the reinforcements in walls and ceilings for the installation of the items related in the commercial offer.
14.    The final document is the order (of which there may be several versions), this will specify measurements, quantities and finishes, this document must be sent signed by the client, please read carefully, after approval and sign   claims will not be accepted.

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