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The newest addition to the Irene Family.

La nueva integrante de la Familia Irene

Irene! What can we say about this iconic product family for Perceptual? It's beloved, highly cherished by many of our clients. It's incredibly versatile and was developed as a collection of products to provide basic solutions for everyday use, both in homes and in work or commercial spaces.

Didn't you know about the Irene Family?

This family of "everyday tools" uses a simple and timeless language, combining materials such as metal, wood, and textiles or leather. Its design principle is based on creating structures from vertical cylindrical elements combined with rectangular elements that serve as support for different surfaces.

Familia de productos Irene

Irene offers you: a multifunctional chair, stool, tables (desk, dining, auxiliary, coffee), a bookshelf, a bench, and now, a new lounge chair.

Irene Lounge chair. The New!

The Irene Lounge chair is characterized by preserving the DNA of its family, combining cylindrical structures with a seat of more square proportions, as well as a backrest volume designed to envelop the body of whoever enjoys it in their everyday activities. The interaction between its geometries and the possibilities of achieving different versions through customization make this armchair a unique member of the family, aiming to connect people with the coolest and most sophisticated spaces.

Poltrona Irene - Editorial

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Remember that we are commemorating 15 years, and the celebration is just beginning.

Perceptual - 15 años


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