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The perception of the intangible

Luis Fernando Patiño, Production Engineer, MSc in Materials. Product Design Engineering teacher at EAFIT University. Lover of architecture, books, art, and nature.

Luis Fernando Patiño
Luis Fernando Patiño

One could say that qualities such as intelligence and material honesty are perceived when coming into contact with Perceptual furniture. I believe this is because their team has been transforming natural materials such as oak, walnut, teak, pine, leather, and felt for over a decade into products that make us feel comfortable, as if we were at home, even while working.

Luis Fernando Patiño
Luis Fernando Patiño

However, this process of transformation has been two-way: these very materials have changed every human being who works at Perceptual. They have taught them a philosophy of love for details, perseverance, the ability to appreciate the beauty of simplicity, and the importance of considering others. This is how a local brand builds a global objective!

I have a Perceptual product in my home: the C-shelf (Repisa en C). It's a versatile, open, and functional piece of furniture that allows me to display my most cherished books as well as showcase my taste for design objects. It blends seamlessly into the space, and its divisions serve as book wedges. It's a product that is contemporary yet timeless. It's ideal for apartments, workspaces, and even hotels or cafes.

With the Irene chair, you experience a timeless, sturdy, and resistant chair. Its presence in coworking spaces or cafes and restaurants is striking; it seems like it has always been there. That's the remarkable thing about good design: it's needed when it's not there, and when you enjoy it, you can say, "I can't imagine any other chair in this space, it's perfect." Today, Perceptual enjoys a new version of its brand. It could be said that it is youthful, user-friendly, refreshing, and straightforward. You can see that DNA when you enter their website, browse through their catalog, or use one of their products. It's the "perception" of the intangible, which permeates the senses and materializes in their projects, that allows us to understand the imprint Perceptual leaves on spaces. The Miranda collection and the Lola chair emerged in 2018 and 2019, carrying the same genetic makeup as an existing family of products but diversifying to grow and respond to the tastes and preferences of tomorrow.

Perceptual is a brand that reinvents itself, rejuvenates, and helps create increasingly comfortable and human spaces. It reminds us that "less is more, but with intelligence."

Perceptual | 15 años


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